Colorful rug

What is the meaning of the Berber symbols?

Berber symbols In Berber culture each color and symbol have its own meaning. Some date back to the Neolithic era and continue to be used to magnify rugs today. Today, there is a multitude of meanings, rites, Berber traditions varying from one region to another of Morocco. We cannot list […]

The Kilim rug

The Kilim rug Initially, “Kilim” means in Turkish the technique of flat weaving. This technique is totally different from a Berber rug whose points are knotted. The Kilim rug is hand embroidered, woven in a smooth base. It has the particularity of being just as resistant while keeping a light […]

The Azilal rug

The Azilal rug Abstract patterns, bright and striking colors, symbols and geometric shapes inherited from the Berber tribes… This is what most often characterizes the originality and creativity of Azilal rugs. Like a true work of art, each rug bears witness to a tradition, a story that only women weavers […]

How to clean and take care of your rug?

Clean and take care of your rug To maintain your rug in a sustainable way, the vacuum cleaner remains your best ally . A new rug tends to lose its surplus wool fibers. It is a completely natural phenomenon and a sign of quality. Your rug is new, it can […]

Choose the size of your rug

Confused about what size rug to choose? You do not know which size of rug to choose to enhance your living space? Anwa ‘Origin offers 3 sizes of Berber rugs: small, medium, large. Here is a small overview of sizes in cm and ideas for placing your rug at home. […]