What is the meaning of the Berber symbols?

Berber symbols

In Berber culture each color and symbol have its own meaning. Some date back to the Neolithic era and continue to be used to magnify rugs today. Today, there is a multitude of meanings, rites, Berber traditions varying from one region to another of Morocco. We cannot list all the meanings, but here are some of the most used examples on berber rugs.

Peace in the home

Geometric shapes and patterns demonstrate many other meanings. Berber rugs are generally related to the family cocoon: the woman, the man, the meeting, the fertility, the child etc. For example, the spirals evoke an eternal harmony, the “+” or “x” would be the sign of the coupling, the snake would represent the male sex. The rhombus is the most used on Berber rugs. It evokes the womb and uterus of women. The double crochet diamond at birth.

Associated with colors, each symbol takes on a whole new dimension. Much more than a decorative function, women artisans tell their story, express their feelings and draw their inspiration from nature. In the tradition of the Berber Azilal tribe, red is a symbol of strength, blue for wisdom, yellow for eternity and green for peace in the homes that welcome it.

You thus bring to your living room an extra soul: strength, wisdom and peace for eternity.