The Azilal rug

The Azilal rug

Abstract patterns, bright and striking colors, symbols and geometric shapes inherited from the Berber tribes… This is what most often characterizes the originality and creativity of Azilal rugs. Like a true work of art, each rug bears witness to a tradition, a story that only women weavers from the Azilal region have ancestral know-how.

Azilal rugs are mainly made of pure wool, cream color. They play on colorful patterns made from vegetal dyes. Some are also dotted with colorful recycled fabrics. Each rug is hand-knotted, in the purest tradition of the Berber Azilal tribe. Berber symbols are rich in meaning. By creating an Azilal rug, women artisans tell a long story, express their emotions. This is what makes each rug strong, unique and symbolic. You will never find the same twice!

A colorful rug!

The Azilal rug differs from the monochrome Beni Ouarain rug thanks to its bright and warm colors. The living space takes on a whole new dimension through the authentic and colorful composition of the Azilal rug. It gives the space a bright allure, a cozy corner, an ethnic-chic atmosphere. If you are looking to spice up your interior, the Azilal rug is undoubtedly the rug that suits you the best.