Choose the size of your rug

Confused about what size rug to choose?

You do not know which size of rug to choose to enhance your living space? Anwa ‘Origin offers 3 sizes of Berber rugs: small, medium, large. Here is a small overview of sizes in cm and ideas for placing your rug at home.

The small rug


The small rug is ideal for a bed companionway, in an entrance or in the hallway. It is also highlighted as a wall decoration. You can use it to cover your seats (benches, armchairs …). Discover all our small Berber rugs here .



The mid-size rug

(150x200cm approximately)

The medium sized rug is perfect for the living room. It is placed under a coffee table, facing a sofa or under a work desk. It is also used as a play mat for children because it is very comfortable. The mid-size rug is the most popular for its functional and adaptable side in all living rooms. Visit our store Berber rugs here .


The big rug

(Approximately 200x250cm and more)

The large rug is made for large spaces. It can be placed in a living room facing a wide-angle sofa or under a dining table. Does that give you decorating ideas? Choose your berber rug here !



The made-to-measure rug

Do you want to create your own rug? It’s possible ! A tailor-made creation can take between 1 to 2 months of waiting (or more) depending on the size chosen and the difficulty of execution. All our custom-made rugs are created in Morocco in our small family cooperative. They are hand-woven by Berber craftswomen. For more info, click here .