The origin of Anwa’

Travel from home.


Ethical and sustainable decoration

Each Rug is 100% handmade, created by talented Berber women whom we had the chance to welcome in our small family cooperative in Morocco. The wool is 100% local, processed without chemical products and dyes 100% vegetal. The other fabrics that can be used (cotton, synthetic materials, etc.) are 100% recycled.

Our “Vintage” rugs are unearthed during our excursions to the Berber villages of the Middle Atlas. We breathe new life into these hidden treasures. Rare Rugs considered to be true works of art.

Thanks to Anwa ‘and aid from the State of Morocco, our cooperative is committed to supporting the work of Berber women in a sustainable and equitable manner. Our aim is to support craftsmanship but also to reduce our environmental impact through our philosophy of ethical and sustainable decoration.


Tapis berbères

C'est le nombre de pièces uniques qui vous attendent !


Anwa ‘Origin.

A journey through time and space

We are passionate about travel. When we return home, we like a simple object to take us back to those shared moments on the other side of the world. We wanted to find an authentic object, full of history that would allow us to feel like we traveled from home.


The origin of the name Anwa ‘

Anwa ‘is above all a beautiful story, that of thousands of Berbers traveling through the desert. A long journey of which only the “Anwa'” stars could predict their destiny. Anwa ‘is a group of 28 stars and small constellations. These bright stars had the particularity of setting at dawn, in the west, while another star rose at the same time with the sun, just in front, in the east. The Anwa’ tradition oriented the Berbers during their long journey and thus predicted the time and the seasons.



C'est le nombre d'étoiles Anwa' qui orientaient les berbères lors de leur voyage dans le desert.

Our values

We favor proximity and craftsmanship.

100% handmade
Travel from home

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