The timeless Beni Ouarain rug

The Beni Ouarain rug

Does the name Beni Ouarain ring a bell? It is, however, the most popular Moroccan rug throughout the world. Each rug is considered a true work of art, due to their unique artisanal making but also, on the other hand, by its design and refined shapes that combine perfectly in contemporary interiors. Scandinavians and Americans make it a real collector’s item!

“Do like the Berbers: combine geometry with the most notorious fantasy”

Le Corbusier

The Beni Ouarain tribe is a Berber community in the Middle Atlas, located not far from the city of Fez in Morocco. These rugs have the particularity of being made from 100% hand-knotted sheep’s wool. The style of Beni Ouarain rugs remains minimalist, with simple geometric patterns such as the diamond that can be found frequently.

Black and white tones

What seduces us the most is its beauty, its simplicity, its neutral tones. This is what gives it worldwide recognition. Much more than a rug, we love to see it as a wall decoration object or simply on the floor to lie down comfortably and drink a cup of tea. Any interior takes on a certain sparkle with a Beni Ouarain rug. A real soul supplement to your cocoon.

How to recognize an authentic Beni Ouarain rug?

Due to its success, this rug is often copied. We recognize an authentic Beni Ouarain rug thanks to its irregular shapes and the knotted stitches on the back because it is handmade. Imitations are often made from cotton and not from pure wool… the rug is then much too white! Over the years, the wool of an authentic Beni Ouarain rug can take on slightly golden reflections, a characteristic specific to natural raw wool which makes your rug soft and comfortable.